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Our gourmet food needs special reheating care and attention in order for you to experience only the very best that we have to offer.

The process is simple and easy to understand.

Let us show you how it is done here in a few basic steps.

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STEP 1 :

Fill up 2/3 of a pot with water and place it on top of a stove or induction cooker.

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STEP 2 :

Turn on stove or induction cooker and bring the water inside to a rolling boil.

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STEP 3 :

Place the sealed, food-safe thermal bag of vacuum-packed frozen or chilled food into the pot of boiling water. This will allow the food to get nice and hot.

You might want to turn down the heat slightly so the boiling water does not bubble over and spill out. Remember to keep the water on a boil.

Please do be extra careful when handling hot water and using the stove.

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STEP 4 :

Ensure that the food inside each bag is immersed into the boiling water as much as possible during the heating process.


You can choose to reheat more than one bag of food at a time -- depending on whether there is enough space in your cooking pot.

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STEP 5 :

Reheating duration would depend on the size and number of food bags placed into the pot of water. Detailed instructions are printed on individual product labels on the food bags.


On average, 10 to 12 minutes of reheating is required for the food to be warmed up if frozen.

We hope this gives you an idea how to consume the gourmet food you love -- with flavour, taste and aroma all at their peak.


Bon Appétit!

Hot Water Bath

(Food Dishes)

Hot Water Bath

(Homemade Noodles)

The videos above also take you a quick look through the steps on how to reheat food in a water bath.

Credit (Photos) : Smoked BBQ Source

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